Crowfunding platform for small businesses

A mockup of the For Common Cause platform


Crowfunding platform for small businesses


For Common Cause was a charitable crowdfunding platform that offered advice to disadvantaged entrepreneurs and helped them connect with those able to offer support. I was asked to redesign the key areas in their website to improve users’ engagement.


Users weren’t active enough on the site. The main objective was to get users to upload their projects and help others discover them and offer support. We wanted to develop an intuitive way for them to interact, communicate and get involved if they wanted.


  • Researched best practices in similar crowdfunding platforms
  • Generated new solutions to specific challenges. I went on to create wireframes for all screens and used them as prototype on iterative usability tests to fine-tune the redesigned flow.
  • Using the improved wireframes I created the user interface and visual design. Produced sliced PSD files ready to be implemented by developers in the final product.
  • Validated the design in several sessions with users, where I was able to observe their behaviour on the site and detect areas for improvement.


Following the launch there was a significant increase in the number of projects submitted and user engagement throughout the areas that had been redesigned.

Wireframes and mockups for crowdfunding website

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