Designing a social media ‘knitwork’

Three yarns of wool on a chair

Designing a social media ‘knitwork’

The challenge

Love Knitting was an online platform for makers that allows them to browse and buy materials and share their creations with the rest world.

Present in Europe, US and Australia, their site combined an eCommerce platform selling supplies for knitting and crochet with a social platform and online community.


LoveKnitting wanted to use the social media part of their site to increase user engagement and encourage users to purchase from their e-commerce platform. But research showed that users didn’t perceive the value and instead they were using other sites to get inspiration and share (e.g., Pinterest, Facebook, Ravelry, Etsy…).

What I did

  • Led the UX Design for the creation of a new social feed and crucial features such as search, messaging, notifications, alerts and content personalisation.
  • Planned and conducted user research that combined qualitative (user interviews, surveys, competitor analysis) and quantitative methods (behavioural data from GA, RJ metrics, Hotjar…) to unveil real users motivations, barriers and goals. 
  • Created a comprehensive set of UX personas and used them to create the user journeys and to communicate users needs and motivations to other teams and the rest of the business•Organised stakeholder, user & content workshops and ran brainstorming sessions involving different departments (marketing, customer service, product & devs)
  • Planned and prioritised new features with the Product Owner
  • Wireframed and prototyped the key screens and interactions of the user journeys
  • With the Lead Visual Designer, created a maintainable style guide and a component library to reuse UI elements
  • Conducted usability testing, gathered user feedback before and after releases (in test and live environments). This enabled the team to take insights and user feedback onboard to iterate and progressively refine the product
Research and ideation phase


With a clear vision ahead, we broke down the project in small, more manageable pieces for the developer teams to work on. Thus, features were added in small but frequent releases. This included creating knitting projects, posting and commenting on other users posts, sharing content, sign up of new users and linking from content to the e-commerce platform to make purchases. As a result, the average basket value increased and the average length of session by user also went significantly up.