Helping restaurants manage their bookings

Three phones showcasing different screens of the app


OMNIA is a new revolutionary concept for restaurants to manage their bookings and availability using the Bookatable system.


Restaurant owners thought that the managing their reservations in the existing Bookatable platform too complicated. The challenge was to create an iOS App that would allow them to promptly enter their customers information and update the status of their bookings. What we found is that our main competitors weren’t other digital products, but traditional tools like pen and paper, which were easy and faster to use.

What I did

Conducted numerous user interviews with restaurant owners, managers and staff in London and other cities of the UK, Germany and Sweden to fully understand user needs.

Planned and conducted contextual enquiry in selected restaurants across London

Constructed personas to represent different types of users incorporating goals, needs, motivations and pain points•Helped define the product vision, identified use cases, prioritised features and created user stories.

Created user flows, wireframes and defined the key interactions for the app•Supervised the visual design of the brand identity, style guidelines and user interface•Prototyped the main user flows in different frameworks (Ionic, Bootstrap) and carried usability testing.


The app was soft launched to a small group of users at the end of 2015 to test the main functionality. The insights and data gathered were used to quickly iterate and fine tune the user experience before the official App Store release.