MICHELIN restaurants app

A hand holding a smartphone and browsing restaurants in the Michelin app

An app to discover the best Michelin restaurants


Michelin is a world-renowned French company that reviews millions of hotels and restaurants around the globe and publishes their selection in a collection of yearly guides.CHALLENGESMichelin had an exclusive partnership with Bookatable and they were interested in adopting some of its technology to provide online restaurant bookings via their app. They also wanted to redesign key sections to improve the way users could browse and discover new restaurants. Although we would still use some of the functionality in their old app, it would all be reflected in a new product, with a new model of distribution via the App Store.

What I did

I did an analysis of the functionality of their existing app. Later I discussed with MIchelin representatives and Bookatable product management which features we would prioritise and concentrate on

With developers, we looked at ways to integrate third party APIs and how this would impact the information we could use in the app. This was a crucial step that enabled me to effectively design advanced ‘Search, Sorting and Filtering’ functionality

Rapidly sketched and created a paper prototype. This was used to validate our ideas and test user flows with a small group of participants•

went on to design the user interface and create a high fidelity clickable prototype that was used by our Sales team to showcase the app and convince more restaurants to start using our technology and become bookable online

During the visual design stage, I followed Michelin’s brand guidelines and best practices from iOS Human Guidelines. Then I provided ready-to-use assets to the development team and supervised the implementation of the designs.

Using heatmaps I could see where users where tapping and how they were engaging with the app. Analysing these and combining with user testing, I was able to make decisions to refine some of the UI elements, detect flaws and improve the user experience.O


When it launched in 2014 Michelin Restaurants UK & IRL app obtained positive reviews from users and the press. The app became an additional revenue stream for both Michelin and Bookatable, increasing the number of bookings in the platform and strengthening their partnership.