Pay at the restaurant in a few taps

A person holding a smartphone to pay at the table in a restaurant

Paying the restaurant bill in a few taps


For this project, Bookatable partnered with mobile payment technology providers MyCheck and Paypal to introduce a new feature in their app to allow diners to view, pay and split their bill with friends at restaurants using their phones.


The new feature was sponsored by PayPal, designed by Bookatable and built by MyCheck. Daily communications with MyCheck’s offshore development team were possible thanks to several screen- sharing, videoconference and remote project management tools. To avoid delaying the development of v4 of the Bookatable iOS App (which we were doing simultaneously), the team was under extreme pressure to move fast. The main challenge was integrating a non-native user flow within the rest of the app and retrieving the user’s data and history without having user accounts. We were tasked to deliver the completed designs to MyCheck within a few weeks. We adopted a lean approach which emphasised studying our competitors, rapid sketching, prototyping and early user testing.

Sketch of a flow and hi-fidelity mockups for Pay at Table
Sketch of a flow and hi-fidelity mockups for Pay at Table

What I did

  • As a first step I carried a comprehensive analysis of competitors that had similar features, studied their flows and user “pain points” and came up with ways of creating a simple and intuitive experience for our users.
  • I created user flows, GUI designs, provided indications and worked closely with the development teams at MyCheck and Bookatable whilst they were building the new feature.
  • I supervised the design implementation and carried out usability testing throughout different iterations
  • Throughout the project lifecycle I partnered with product managers to create visualisations of the finished product and presented works to gain buy-in from executives, senior stakeholders and other Bookatable teams.


The first version of Pay At Table was released in June 2014 with 100 restaurants on iOS and UK market. The feature generated a significant interest from the press and we received positive feedback from both diners and restaurants. Pay At Table will be implemented in the Bookatable Android app and the number of restaurants using it is set to expand to more than 500 London sites in the following months.