Together Science Can

A poster showing two hands together making a sign that resembles unity and also the shape of a brain, next to a poster that says 'Together Science Can'

Together Science Can: Celebrating international collaboration in science


In 2017, the political climate threatened international collaboration in research and science. Wellcome and other major organisations decided to launch a global campaign to celebrate the value of scientific collaboration across borders and prompt researchers from all over the world to act together.

My role as Lead UX was to design a simple but compelling site that would prompt users to take action. I also helped define the way the information would be delivered to users as well as the main objectives that the website would cover.

What I did

  • The project was time-sensitive, so I decided to use the 5-day Google design sprint  framework and adapt it to come up with an MVP (minimum viable product) in a week.
  • I then facilitated several workshops involving design, content and communication teams and stakeholders to unite our efforts and help prioritise goals for the website and the campaign. 
  • After capturing requirements and conducting lean user research, I created sketches, wireframes and built an interactive prototype that was used in usability testing sessions to challenge our assumptions.
  • I worked closely with front-end developers and UI designers to craft the final designs.
Using the Google Ventures 5-day Design sprint to come up with ideas and test them in a minimum amount of time.


The campaign was launched in September 2017 and had international media coverage on the New York Times, the Today Programme and the Observer.

The main video had over 200,000 views and a high conversion rate of combined sign-ups and shares through the website.

Core team:
1x Product Manager
1x UX Designer (me)
1x UI Designer
1x Front end developer
Other staff at Wellcome

Client: Wellcome
Project date: 2017
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